New work in Lockdown 2021

During lockdown I have been continuing experimenting exploring different techniques and mediums in my painting processes. I take inspiration from walks around my local area being in the countryside meandering through forests and woodland is very motivating for my work.

The natural environment always amazes me in all of the seasons and different weather conditions, the beauty and the rawness of nature can be a real challenge to capture in paint.

Like most artists my work has a particular style which has developed over time, it maybe viewed as being structured abstract; it is always and will be forever evolving in flux.

Here are a few of my recent paintings done in lockdown, I have used acrylic on gesso primed paper.

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AiPS Exhibition 2020

I am very delighted to be participating in the AiPS online exhibition, please see the details below.

To celebrate the creative output of its members over this last extraordinary year, AiPS is having its annual exhibition online.

Being online means that the show will be available to everyone in the public service, and beyond. The artwork is there to be enjoyed, but is also for sale. Original art at affordable prices so why not take a look?

To view, go to AiPS website:

The show will be available to see between Monday 26th October and Monday 30th November.

Andrew Cooper Chair

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Experimental Work In Lockdown 2020

New selection of experimental watercolour and acrylic paintings done whilst in lockdown 2020. Really enjoyed playing with paint pushing it around the surfaces and spaces, making marks and discovering interesting different methods of working. Always good to push boundaries in my painting  practice, keeps up the momentum and inspiration for future work.








Acrylic / Watercolour

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Studio Practice in Lockdown 2020

During lockdown I have been spending time in my studio developing ideas from previous journeys that I documented in sketchbooks through the years. Re-living those times travelling from one place to another provided inspiration which formed the basis for compositional experiments.  The challenge of bringing the plein air paintings from the past into concepts of present day interpretations is stimulating.  In my work there is always a constant pull between representation and abstraction.  The paintings below are a series of watercolour and acrylic layered with impasto technique, working some of the paintings up into a textured surface.








Watercolour and Acrylic


Watercolour Detail




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Reminiscing in lockdown 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown which is still in place, means staying home and safe in isolation. I have spent time in my studio reminiscing looking through piles of sketchbooks of my past work which was made while on journeys that I made over a few decades. It is interesting looking back in time re-living, experiencing those moments captured through the drawings and paintings, places forgotten, refreshed now in my memory. There are many areas that I would like to re-visit, in  particular the Meteora and the mountains of Thessaly in Greece. In the meanwhile,  I can work and develop on ideas achieved at that time and bring those images into the present.

I would like to share with you some of my plein air sketchbook paintings of the Meteora and Thessaly, there are other studies of walks in Epping Forest and one of my favourite trees, Grimston Oak.


Monastery of Agia Triada, Meteora


Mountains of Thessaly, Northern Greece


Walks in Epping Forest



Grimston Oak, Epping Forest


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Peak District watercolour studies 2020

Here are some recent sketchbook watercolour studies that I made during a trip to the Peak District. The landscape was very inspiring; views from high up on the hills looking down and across into the distance, the light changing rapidly creating atmospheric conditions. It was a challenge to try and capture the mood in such a short space of time, definitely will be returning soon.










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Sock Gallery Winter Open Exhibition 2019

I am delighted to announce that one of my watercolours was accepted for the Sock Gallery Winter Open Exhibition 2019.   From 30th November- 11th January 2020.  Sock Gallery Loughborough Town Hall, Market Place, Loughborough LE11 3EB

Waterlogged Fields Leicestershire


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AiPS 88th Exhibition 2019

The AiPS  annual exhibition was held at the Menier Gallery  Southwark London for the 7th consecutive year. It was a very busy PV evening with many guests coming along to enjoy the show. Our Chairman Andrew Cooper opened the exhibition with Artist Mark Pearson presenting the awards.

I am pleased to announce that I was presented  with the CSIS Best Watercolour Award.





Here is the winning watercolour  ” Fragments of Light”




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Spring in Normandy 2019

It was a very good start to my stay in Normandy, the weather was warm and sunny perfect for Spring time.  The beautiful fresh colours of the landscape, bright vivid yellows of the rapeseed fields were magic to see. I was inspired and motivated by the vast and continuous landscape before me.  I made several watercolour sketchbook studies of the scenery around Les Aspres village and other areas.

I hope eventually to develop the paintings into larger works and experiment with the ideas using different mediums. Here are some of the studies below.








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New watercolours

Two  new watercolours I made  inspired by my recent trip to Iceland



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