Phare-des- Baleines, France

The garden’s around the Phare-des-Baleines and the lighthouse were interesting and the trees lovely shapes. I painted a small section of the area in the garden one afternoon when the sun was strong and shadow’s were deep purple blue. The area of Phare-des-Baleines is situated in the far north of the Island Ile-de-Ré and is the most western point in France.


Sketchbook watercolour of the lighthouse where I was staying in Phare-des- Baleines. The wind was particularly strong, it was stormy too, it was a challenge to hold onto my sketchbook! Here is the finished painting below.


While I was staying on the Island I visited a paper restoration studio in  Loix,  “Atelier Quillet”  for a guided tour of the process of repairing paper in books that had deteriorated over time. The training for this skill is at least three to five years. There were various stages which involved such technical skill, especially lifting of pages out of the books which almost disintegrated before our eyes! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour which lasted an hour. The photograph below is of some of the equipment that is used.




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