Visit to Lapland Artic Circle March 2018

“Is it the silence of the wilderness that so enchants me?” Asksei Gallen-Kallela (1886).

Last year in November, I went to see an exhibition at the National Gallery London. The exhibition was called  “A Vision of Finland” the artist was Finnish Asksei Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931) and a plein air painter. I was impressed and inspired by his work, particularly Lake Keitele (1905) also, Clouds above Lake.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Sweden and Finnish Lapland in the Arctic Circle. It was a very exciting and inspiring journey which enabled me to see the vast expanses of wilderness of the Arctic Tundra.The location where I stayed was in Karesuando, Norrbotten, Sweden, near to the Muorio river and border between Sweden and Finland.  This was excellent for exploring the northernmost part of Sweden and traversing across into Finland.

When the night came it was time to venture into the forests, to be amazed by the Aurora Borealis magical displays across the sky. There is silence in the wilderness, beauty in the forests and landscapes of this icy tundra.  All of this inspired me to paint a series of watercolours relating to my experiences in the wilderness of the Arctic Circle, which will probably be ongoing!


Winter terrain, Lapland, Artic Circle


Karesuando Sweden, Artic Circle


Wilderness Finnish Lapland

DSC_0245Walk in the Forest Finnish Lapland

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6 Responses to Visit to Lapland Artic Circle March 2018

  1. Spotty says:

    Mesmeric paintings Beryl. Wonderful!

  2. Wonderful paintings capturing the beauty of all that the Arctic has to offer. Mesmeric paintings. Well done!

  3. janehollingworth says:

    Lovely Lapland paintings stunning!!

  4. touchardberyl says:

    Thank you Jane, I am happy you like my recent paintings.

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