Cragside Northumberland

Exploring Cragside Estate especially the vast gardens, woodland and walks was a marvellous experience. During my stay in Northumberland, I visited Cragside three times  and I am tempted to return there! Below are some of the studies I made there.

Nelly’s Moss South Lake.


Nelly’s Moss North Lake.


Nelly’s Moss South Lake, it was hot and sunny a beautiful light for painting. Rhododendron’s were growing everywhere,  around the Lake and in the forest.


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Visit to Farne Islands & Northumberland Coast

It was a very interesting visit to the Farne Islands watching the wildlife, a world of sea birds and seals in their natural habitat. I did wear a protective hat as the nesting terns were pecking,  fortunately, I did manage to escape their warnings to stay at a polite distance!   Here are a couple of sketches in watercolour and ink of Puffins which I made during my time there.  I really enjoyed seeing the Puffins they are so curious and comical, so beautiful to experience especially in flight.



DSCN1741 (2).jpg



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Norfolk: Sketch Book Study

Sketch book study of vast open space’s stretching  for miles along the coastline of Norfolk. It was a very pleasant time spent walking, exploring the beautiful landscape and coastal views around this unspoilt area of wild and natural beauty. I shall definitely return!


WP_20170418_12_24_52_Pro (1).jpg

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Recent Watercolour

Recent watercolour from a series,    A walk down the lane and what do I see!


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Spring Flower series

Part of my study from  “Flower series ” which I painted yesterday. I am hopeful that it may develop into something which will be more abstracted. I was thinking about the work of Agnes Martin and of her words “Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not just in the eye, it is in the mind, it is our positive response to life”  (1912-2004).

WP_20170307_07_53_31_Pro (1).jpg

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Plein Air Sketch

This pencil sketch which I did the other day is of a view from Beacon Hill, looking down and across into the landscape of distant trees.  Maybe it will be a basis for other work developing into abstract paintings.



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Study of Spring Flowers

I was admiring my bunch of Spring flowers in a vase by the windowsill, thinking how vibrant the colours were, so out came my watercolour’s and paper and here is the result!


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Stormy Sky

It was a stormy sky today looking out over the cricket field and beyond, inspiration for more paintings!WP_20170223_08_22_44_Pro.jpg

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Observations of Light


Observations of Light is a watercolour study relating to ” A walk down the lane” series, which was painted  over a week ago. The luminous effect of light areas in the work make  a contrast with the darker colours. Some of the pigments when mixed together produce a  granulating texture; which is interesting on a rough surface  paper.



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Sketch book Painting

Walking in the village yesterday, these lovely snowdrops caught my attention, I stopped for awhile to paint them and this is the result!


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